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  • Provide comprehensive after-sales service
  • Customized according to different needs of customers
  • Specialized in technology
  • Good at quality
  • Independent research and development
  • Factory direct sales
  • Professional production
  • Quality brand
  • No worries after sale

Honorary Qualification - Skilled in Technology

24-hour technical support and after-sales service for all products sold

Kangzhixing Medical 4 Advantages

Provide you with high standards, personalized, advanced medical equipment

  • 01

    Professional production

    • The model is complete and the style is diverse.
    • A modern enterprise focused on the development and manufacture of medical equipment
  • 02

    More than ten years of industry experience, superb technology

    • Long-term repair and maintenance of medical equipment.
    • With more than 10 years of industry experience, we are able to provide you with one-stop service for peace of mind.
  • 03

    Have a well-equipped professional service team

    • Leading technology, reliable quality and excellent service.
    • The company has a number of technical professionals who have long been engaged in the medical industry. Through superb technology and inexhaustible efforts, we can provide you with comprehensive products and services.
  • 04

    High quality pre-sales and after-sales service, let you rest assured / comfortable

    • Accurate quality, strict delivery, and perfect service are our commitments.
    • Specialists regularly visit old customers, listen to customer feedback, and follow up on maintenance in a timely manner.

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Kangzhixing Medical - professional medical equipment expert

Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise and manufacturer that has long been serving the research, production, promotion, sales, supply and direct sales of medical equipment.
Kangzhixing Medical produces and develops vacuum equipment and sales with professional technology, and provides corresponding products according to customers' needs. Our company has a large number of professional design and technical talents with excellent technology and rich experience. The main products are: medical nursing beds and medical carts. , medical cabinets, electric nursing beds, stainless steel gynecological examination beds, ambulance stretcher vehicles, multifunctional children's beds, nursing carts, ABS beds, operating beds, infusion chairs, hospital beds, cars, tables, cabinets, racks, chairs, etc. 7 The series is more than 300 varieties. The products are mainly sold to Foshan City, Guangdong Province and more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Our company adheres to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Supreme" and the business philosophy of "honesty, truth-seeking and innovation" as the corporate goal, constantly encouraging employees and regard customers as God. Therefore, our company has won the recognition of our customers with high quality products and good sales service.

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common problem

  • How to use the ambulance stretcher correctly

    1. Use a sponge pad stretcher to make the patient transport comfortably, lift the patient onto the stretcher and transport it through an ambulance. ...

  • Ambulance stretcher car scope

    It can be used for ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, gymnasiums to transport wounded and sick people, and can also be used for general surgery. ...

  • Ambulance stretcher car use precautions

    1. When transporting the patient, be sure to turn the guardrail up to keep it safe. 2. When doing general surgery, do not scratch the stretcher surface. ...