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Multi-functional maternity bed (separate type)

Multi-functional maternity bed (separate type)

Product Details

KX-735 operating bed

Detailed introduction:

Product Name: Multi-functional maternity bed (separate type)

Specification: L1900*W620*H750mm

Packing: 1350/650*700*850mm each box

Function: tilted back 70°±5°

technical parameter:

1. It is made of high quality imported 304# stainless steel material by bending and forming, welding, grinding and polishing.

2. The main frame is formed by φ32*1.2 pipe, and the panel is made of 1.3mm plate.

3, the back can be adjusted from 0 ° to 70 °, the leg plate is lowered by 90 °.

4. The four feet are made of non-slip plastic feet, which are safe and stable.
5, the overall structure processing is smooth and smooth, smooth and firm, durable.

Appearance and structure

1. The countertop of the bed should be smooth and smooth, and no obvious bumps or severe scratches are allowed.

2. The surface of the sprayed parts should be smooth and clean, without exposed bottom, falling off, blistering, sticky and affecting the appearance of repair marks.

3. The weld seam of the production bed should be uniform and free of defects such as cracks and leakage welds.

4. All the fittings should be easy to handle and unload, reliable and firm, and durable.

5. The bed frame frame should be welded, and should not be connected by connectors. The clutch between the bed and the leg should be convenient and reliable.

6. The bed should generally have a caster device. If the caster is not installed, the fixed bed should be installed.


The basic dimensions of the bed should be in accordance with Table 1, with a permissible deviation of ±5 mm.

Plane, straightness

After the leg plate, hip plate and back plate are leveled, the plane and side should be straight, and the flatness and straightness should be no more than 3mm.

Backplane height difference

When the backing plate is turned to the highest position, the height difference between the top two corners and the bed frame should be no more than 2 mm.

Starting torque

The starting torque of the leg plate, the hip plate and the back plate should be no more than 3 N·m.

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