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Electric maternity bed

Electric maternity bed

Product Details

KX-811A maternity operation bed

Product Name: Electric maternity bed

Product specifications: L1400*W600*H700~1000mm

Packing: 1400*800*910mm

Function: 22° forward tilting, 22° backward tilting, 75° on the back panel

Technical parameters: The whole is made of high quality stainless steel shell, built-in anti-corrosion treatment, imported imitation leather waterproof mattress, easy to clean and clean. Retractable foot pad, two-stage fixed design, convenient for delivery inspection. Imported 24V DC motor, ultra low noise, waterproof and dustproof performance IP51.

1) The back and the bottom of the board are up and down by 0-75° by electric hand control; the overall rise is 900 mm at the highest table and the minimum height is 650 mm.

2) The front and rear tilting of the seat plate is increased by 20°-30° by electric control.

3) When using the auxiliary table, simply insert the two positioning axes of the auxiliary table into the positioning sleeve of the seat plate, and use the plum blossom to support the handle.

4) With the foot on the long foot, the table can be raised and the long step can be stepped on to lower the table.

5) Use the foot short wheel base wheel to contact the area to pull the production table, and repeat the position to lock the production table.

This product has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and passed ISO13485:2003 system certification.

Standard configuration: a pair of leg rests, a pair of arm rests, a pair of foldable waist pull rods, a dirt basin, with an anesthesia rack

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