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Orthopedic care bed

Orthopedic care bed

Product Details

KX-528 orthopedic nursing bed

Product Name: Three Orthopedic Bed

Product specifications: L2000*W900*H550mm

Packing: 2120*940*320mm

Product function: height adjustment of the back: 0°-75°±5°, height adjustment of left and right legs: 45°±5°

Material Description:

1. The bed can carry ≥300kg; the high dynamic load ≥230kg;

2. Adjustment range: the back adjustment angle is 0~75°±5°;

3. Material and process: The bed mother adopts: 45×75×1.0mm rectangular stainless steel tube for welding and forming; the bed panel adopts: 15×30×0.8mm high quality stainless steel flat tube for welding and forming, the whole bed panel has multiple clearance grooves, and is breathable. Moisture-proof, effective prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids; ribs under the back of the bed, double-supported bottom beam, more durable; inner-packed headboard: φ38*1.2mm bending, solid and stable;

4. Welding and polishing process: robot automatic welding and pulse argon arc welding adopt fish scale welding method, welding leveling; polishing adopts red polishing wax (80R/coarse grinding) to remove trachoma, burrs, etc. to roughen the rough surface; fine polishing adopts purple Polished wax (90P / medium fine grinding) fine polishing can avoid blackening, making the metal surface smooth and bright (the robot welding contract is available in the file).

5. Rocker system: The rocker is the oil position limit position protection screw. It adopts imported high-strength bearing steel screw, and the pole universal joint is made of 45# steel, which is safer, wear-resistant, light and labor-saving, and no noise (providing screw patent certificate).

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