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Orthopedic care bed manufacturers offer

Orthopedic care bed manufacturers offer

Product Details

KX-531 orthopedic nursing bed

Bedside barrier system: phosphating surface treatment of aluminum alloy handrail, antibacterial and antiseptic, acid and alkali resistant. Six stainless steel brackets for easy, safe and easy maintenance.

Bed headboard material: ABS integrated injection molding, European design, unique and beautiful style. It has antibacterial, acid and alkali resistant, easy to clean, high strength, anti-collision, easy to disassemble, hanging plate structure switch, easy to load and unload, and also used as CPR emergency. The bed plate is 60mm lower than the headboard, which is convenient for nursing operation.

There are 6 drip rods on the bedside, 6 sockets for the instrument pole, 2 infusion hooks under the bed, and 1 drainage hook in the middle and left.

Bed caster resin: 5 inch diagonal brake, caster structure with pin-type structure, pressure and wear resistance, smooth movement.

The bed body plane bearing weight ≥250kg, high and low dynamic load ≥170kg.