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Orthopedic care bed manufacturers supply

Orthopedic care bed manufacturers supply

Product Details

KX-535 orthopedic care bed

The dining table is a 30cm wide retractable plastic dining table, which is strong and durable.

Back folding degree: 0-75°, leg folding angle: 0-90°

Dimensions: 2000 × 900 × 550mm (length × width × bed height)

Handle size: 225 × 190mm


1. Back function

The back angle is 0-75°, which makes the back rise slowly, and the vibration is gentle and no resistance.

2. Wheelchair function

Allows the patient to sit at any angle from 0-90°. After sitting up, you can eat or study with the table. The versatile dining table can be removed and placed on the bottom of the bed when not in use. Frequently let the patient sit up to prevent tissue contraction and reduce edema. Helps to restore the ability to move. After the patient is seated, the bed can be removed and the bed is removed from the bed.

3. Foot washing function

The bed can be removed from the bed, and the wheelchair function can make it easier for the patient to wash their feet and massage.

4. Anti-sliding function

Lifting the buttocks when sitting up can effectively prevent the patient from sliding down when sitting passively.