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Traction bed efficacy characteristics

1. Relaxing the whole body muscles and eliminating fatigue. The human body is under tension due to external pressure. For a long time, the shoulders and the whole body will be tightened and lose their elasticity, resulting in tightness of the whole body. The use of medical health care can relax the muscles and eliminate stress. Feeling relaxed, fatigue disappears, improves spirit, and energizes all day .

2, can make you slender legs, beautify the body lines , safe and effective physical traction, can help the leg muscles grow, so that you can expect to get slender leg lines in the short term, stretching the waist muscle fibers invisibly in the plastic The effect of building a body has a beautiful and moving curve.

3. The shoulder and neck elastic health care is equipped with a high elastic strap design and a back neck sliding pillow, which can pull the shoulder and cervical muscles and ligaments to enlarge the intervertebral foramen, reduce and correct the deformed intervertebral disc , and reduce the neck pressure. Regular use can alleviate the acidity and discomfort of the shoulder and neck .

4, can make you stretch and encourage, break through the height and directly stretch the traction, eliminate the adverse effects of gravity on the human body , increase the space of the joint, relax the muscles, promote blood circulation, and provide a good development space for the growth plate .

5, can help you correct posture , handsome and stand up , with the increase of age and the influence of external gravity, will make the spine deformation, such as hunchback, snoring, etc. , often use the growth fitness device, can effectively correct the vertebrae, Restore your body to the past , and have a good effect on O-leg correction.

Technical parameters of the traction bed:

The bed product is a new type of traction bed which is driven by manual (hand crank) mechanical transmission. Cervical vertebrae, lumbar traction for dual use. This product is easy to operate, beautiful and generous, and cheap. Applicable to primary health clinics, community hospitals, and traction treatment for cervical or lumbar spondylosis in homes and other places.

The above is the characteristics of the bed bed bed, please pay attention to us.

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