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What are the advantages of using a multi-functional medical care bed?

What are the advantages of using a multi-functional medical care bed ? Today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. gives you universal popularity:

A, multi-functional medical bed can help the patient to get up, can be tilted up through the rocker under the bed, allowing the patient to get up between 0-75 degrees, the middle of the bed has a mobile table, can help The patient completes the basic needs of reading, writing, drinking water, etc., and the guardrail on both sides of the bed body can prevent the patient from falling out of bed.

B. The multi-functional medical bed can imitate the process and posture of a healthy person turning over, helping the patient to turn over and easily scrub the body, and improving the blood circulation of the long-term bedridden patient and the muscles of the back and buttocks when turning over the patient. The position, so that the patient's back and hip muscles and bones are fully rested, can effectively prevent the occurrence of acne.

C. The multi-functional medical bed also has a device for setting a toilet to help the patient to use the toilet in the bed like a normal person after getting up, without polluting the sheets and reducing the trouble of cleaning the sheets.

D. The multi-functional medical bed can realize the lower leg according to the needs of the patient, and can solve the difficulty of the patient washing the foot and soaking the foot. With the function of getting up, you can achieve a normal sitting posture, making the patient feel relaxed and comfortable.

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