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How is the rocker on the medical bed used?

What do you do with a rocker on a medical bed ?

The effect of the bed rocker:

The influence of the rocker in the medical bed is abnormal, and all the medical beds are inseparable from the rocker, and the rocker can be useful for supplying the medical bed.

The rocker adopts double-pressure bearing, and the landing limit is assembled. It has the advantages of no music, convenient assembly, and durability. In addition, we can customize all kinds of joysticks according to the size of users.

Medical bed manufacturers in the process of the hospital bed rocker, can be tailored according to the customer's detailed needs, such as licensing with the possibility of a useful business.

Protection methods for the rocker in medical beds:

A. Avoid collision during application and avoid destroying medical bed accessories.

B. If you need to repair or exchange medical bed accessories, you may contact the vendor, please do not assemble it yourself.

C. In order to ensure safety, the bed of the medical bed should be shaken to the lowest position when it is not applied, and folded up to avoid tripping.

D. The medical bed rocker should be washed with a neutral detergent on time, and wiped with a soft dry cloth and placed in the air. Never wash with alkaline or corrosive liquids.

E. Introspection on whether the various snoring places can be sturdy, whether the bolts can be loosened, etc., so as not to cause any accidents at the time of patient application, it is very troublesome to rush at the moment.

F, medical bed accessories such as inadvertently corroded liquid snoring, not real-time washing and discoloration to form stains, may be washed or soaked with clean water first, then wipe with a damp cloth with a neutral detergent, then wipe with a dry cloth .

The medical bed of the medical bedside manufacturer is made according to all necessary design of the patient.

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