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Details to pay attention to when buying a nursing bed

The nursing bed is planned for the special needs of hospitals and patients who cannot take care of themselves, disabled people, critically ill patients, and paralyzed patients. It has dealt with patients who have existed for a long time, such as urinating, eating, moving, reading, writing, and entertainment. Aspects of the problem; and meet the physiological and psychological requirements of patients, improve rehabilitation, and greatly reduce the burden of care. Wheelchair-style planning, the patient can adjust the three postures of lying, half-slung and straight in bed; can also adjust the angle of the legs; patients can also read, write, eat, plan with toilet in bed People can still be big and urinating in bed. When purchasing a similar fully automatic care bed, pay attention to the following points:

A: Look at the small brands of small brands and easy to close the door or close down, can not be guaranteed after sale.

B: Look at the small manufacturers of welding points, only the production volume is completely disregarded for the production quality, and the welding points are not secure and the bearing capacity cannot be guaranteed.

C: It is simple and useful to see the process of the big brand products, and the process of small brand products is rough.

D: Look at the material used in the big brand products, the material is not less than 1.0mm, and the small brand products are used less than 0.8mm.

E: Look at the slider of the screw brand big product when the screw is shaken. When the small brand product is shaken, there is noise and it is difficult to swing.

F: Look at the non-smooth products sprayed on the spray surface, and the chance of peeling on the spray surface for 3 years or more is greatly improved.

The above is the details that need to be paid attention to when buying a nursing bed.

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