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Difference between electric operating bed and hydraulic operating bed

We all know that there are more medical operating beds , but there is a hydraulic operating bed recently. What is the difference between the two?

Electric operating table:

1. According to different markets, different configurations, products are more popular, consumers can choose the appropriate operating bed according to their own situation.

2. In terms of driving, the electric operating bed adopts the motor driving method.

3, more convenient in operation, the action is more flexible and reliable.

4, the operation is simple.

5. Easy maintenance.

Hydraulic operating bed:

1. In terms of market, the hydraulic operating bed faces a relatively high-end market. Therefore, it mainly faces large and medium-sized hospitals, small clinics or hospitals, medical institutions, etc. It is recommended to use electric operating beds.

2. In terms of driving, the hydraulic operating bed is hydraulically driven, including hydraulic motors, solenoid valves, and hydraulic tubing.

3, hydraulic operating bed built-in battery, inadvertently power off in time, can also start the battery in time, so that surgery can also be guaranteed when the power is off, the noise is relatively small.

4. The hydraulic operating bed runs smoothly and the performance is stable.

5, maintenance is simple, but the hydraulic operating bed needs to change hydraulic oil every 2-3 years.

The above is the introduction of the characteristics of the electric operating bed and the hydraulic operating bed.

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