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Kang Zhixing gives you a new trend in green medical cabinets

Green environmental protection medical cabinets need more environmental protection specifications for furniture panels in China. The environmental protection requirements of hospital buildings are constantly improving. Due to the special requirements of medical furniture, high-quality medical furniture mostly uses E1 grade and even E0 grade panels. E0 and E1 grades are a grade concept of furniture board quality. It is based on the quantitative release of formaldehyde to confirm the quality grade of the board. The formaldehyde quantitative grade in the board is divided into three grades, namely E2≤5.0mg/L, E1≤1.5 Mg/L, E0 ≤ 0.5 mg / L. In today's furniture sheet standard, the board can reach the E2 grade and can be called environmentally friendly sheet, that is, the E2, E1 and E0 grade boards can be called environmental protection board, but the smaller the value behind E, the more environmentally friendly the board. . Some of the professional plates are very suitable for cabinet use in hospitals, such as eco-resin plates, which can be recycled, incinerated, non-toxic, incinerated without corrosive fumes, no drops, no formaldehyde, no toxicity, in line with FDA regulations. It has the characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, high hardness, stain resistance and self-cleaning. It can be used in nurses' stations, consultation desks, reception desks, etc. It can solve the use requirements of crowds and easy collisions. It can display physical characteristics such as wear resistance.

The use of good adhesives, resin glue and water-based furniture lacquers is sure to make professional medical cabinets more environmentally friendly, but it will increase the cost in the invisible, but the medical furniture is safe, humanized and resistant to acid and alkali. The requirements are higher. It is necessary to comprehensively investigate the environmental impact of medical furniture during the life cycle. On this basis, the quality, function, cost, environmental protection and development cycle of medical furniture are optimized to meet various environmental protection requirements. . The integration of green ecology is to reduce pollution and ensure that indoor furniture is environmentally friendly.

The introduction of the new regulations requires more medical cabinet companies to try their best to enhance the brand's reputation, which in turn enables the entire industry to develop in a healthy competition.

The choice of environmental protection green decorative materials for medical cabinets should comply with the special requirements of hospitals, and the materials that do not harm the environment and human health, do not contain harmful chemicals, and conform to the trend of returning to nature, such as in special parts such as corridor wall skirts. The door of the operating room should be anti-collision and anti-breakage; the ceiling data should be anti-fouling, mildew-proof, easy to clean and easy to maintain; the wall and ground materials are easy to clean, anti-fouling, wear-resistant, non-slip and easy to maintain; Medical furniture and hardware must be durable, and in terms of environmental protection, there is no bad release or radiation.