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What is the manufacturing method of mobile care trolleys?

The mobile nursing cart is a mobile care vehicle with a medical car and a record car as a whole, with a computer system, which facilitates the work of nursing, and also provides technical support for the nursing bedside work system. The upper layer is a computer system with a keyboard and mouse. The nursing can write records, process medical orders, check medical orders, etc. The basic layer is to place medical items for daily use, which is equivalent to the previously used nursing medical vehicles. The shortcomings of existing skills are as follows:

1. There are four drawers on the front of the nursing car. One of them (deep 8cm), the second (deep 12cm), and the third (deep 13cm) three drawers are used for placing sterile items, because one or two The three drawers are too shallow, can be placed small items, can not be placed with liquid medicine, can not meet the clinical needs, is not convenient for nursing work, the next drawer is too deep, the patient's liquid medicine is placed, the nursing needs frequent bending, and the nursing fatigue is increased. ;

2. The location of hand sanitizer is not convenient to operate. There is no local infusion empty bag or infusion patrol card. In addition, the trash can is not convenient to use.

Technical realization elements:

In order to overcome the above disadvantages, it is an object of the present invention to provide a mobile care cart that is convenient to use. To solve the skill problem, the skill scheme adopted by the utility model is:

The mobile care cart includes a nursing cart body and a trash can. The trash can is disposed on a lower right side of the nursing cart body, and three drawers for placing the sterile items are added to the left side of the nursing cart body, and the drawer is self-contained. The top of the drawer is a movable healing tray placing table, and the periphery of the movable healing tray placing table is provided with a wall.

Further, the front surface of the nursing cart body is provided with four drawers distributed from top to bottom, and the upper one drawer and the second drawer have the same structure for placing the patient's liquid medicine bottle or liquid medicine bag, the following The three drawers and the fourth drawer are identical in structure for placing oral medication.

Further, one drawer and two drawers have a depth of 18.5 cm, and three drawers and four drawers have a depth of 8 cm.

Further, a hook is provided on the upper right side of the body of the nursing cart, and the hook is used for hanging the disinfectant.

Further, the trash can adopts a pedal-type trash can, the foot on the trash can is stepped on, and the trash can cover is opened.

Further, a storage pocket locker is arranged on the upper right side of the nursing cart body for loading the infusion empty bag.

The beneficial effect of the utility model lies in: in combination with the needs of our clinical nursing work, this patent carries out a modification of the existing mobile nursing cart to facilitate the work of nursing, and at the same time, the modified mobile nursing cart fully utilizes the space and the whole. It looks more beautiful. The improved mobile care cart provides almost everything needed for care, reduces the movement of care between the ward and the treatment room, improves the efficiency of clinical work, and cares for care from the humane.