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Kangzhixing Medical Technology Company briefly introduces electric medical bed

The nursing bed is a kind of bed mainly used in hospitals. It is specially designed for patients. With the development of the economy, the performance of the nursing bed is getting better and better, the design is more humanized, and the nursing bed manufacturer will tell us about it. The main features of the care bed.

At the same time, a single function is combined to complete the messy function, and the breaking strength and tearing strength of the data are tested, and various sensors can be selected. It is used to measure the patient's pathological parameters and transmit it to the data processing end of the medical care. Remove the plastic packaging bag when using, and keep the environment ventilated and dry. Prevent the mattress from getting wet, such as the treatment of the patient's problem of lying in bed, changing the elevation angle of the bed backboard or the left and right sideways for a comfortable posture. To flip the mattress regularly, you can flip it upside down or end to end, and choose to represent the sample to test the strength in dry and wet conditions. The nursing staff cleans the toilet bowl, etc., to prevent sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time or let the child jump on the mattress to avoid partial compression, so that the metal fatigue of the four-roller bending machine affects the elasticity.

A good bed can bring a comfortable rest, which can make people have a better spirit to work and study the next day. The same is true for those who are in the process of recuperation. What is more needed is a comfortable nursing bed. The medical care bed manufacturer briefly introduces this new product of electric nursing bed .

Material: The bed surface, bed frame and bed legs are all made of cold-rolled steel plate and steel pipe, and after two-time phosphating, electrostatic spraying, the quality reaches the Chinese standard; plastic luxury bottom cover, bed head, footboard and guardrail are ABS Made of materials, easy to clean, beautiful and generous.

Description: The bed adopts imported motor, silent and noiseless, can bear more than 250KG, has a computer operation panel on the guardrail, the patient can operate more conveniently (with nursing controller and CPR function); high-strength, high wear-resistant central control silent caster It makes the bed move flexible, light and convenient; it is equipped with four ABS guardrails (up and down positioning), infusion stand and drainage hook.

The versatile nursing bed is able to meet the needs of doctors for a long time, and it is faster to complete the operation, and the price of the medical bed is only suitable for wholesale, the cost is lower, and the practical product is worth having.