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Specific introduction to the rescue stretcher car

As a new type of medical vehicle, the ambulance stretcher is convenient to use and different general bed vehicles. In order to alleviate the patient's pain index and the convenience index of medical care have increased a lot. However, the stretcher car is not only one type, it is divided into several types according to different functional effects.

The ambulance stretcher car belongs to the field of medical device device skills. Nowadays, the stretcher has a single function, no infusion stand, drainage net and wardrobe, which brings a lot of troubles to the medical staff. There are several places to take the infusion stand, the drainage net and the clothes to be carried with the stretcher. The new technical solution is:

1. There are two large wheels and two universal wheels on the frame, and a wardrobe is arranged in the frame, and an infusion stand is fixed on the frame;

2. A drainage net is arranged at the handle of the frame; the bottom surface of the damping spring is fixed on the frame, and the top end is connected with the stretcher.

Its advantage is that the structural design is reasonable and useful, because the design of the infusion stand, the closet and the drainage net on the frame reduces the medical staff of the rescue stretcher, which reduces the labor intensity and brings many conveniences. The utility model relates to a multi-purpose stretcher. The utility model relates to a multi-purpose stretcher vehicle, which comprises an upper structure, a wheel bracket, an axle mounted on the wheel bracket, a wheel and a rear bracket.

The utility model is characterized in that: the wheel bracket is hinged with the connecting plate of the upper structure, the rear bracket is hinged with the bolt seat of the upper structure, and the auxiliary bracket is also provided, the upper end of the auxiliary bracket is hinged with the upper structure, and the lower end thereof can be connected with the axle. The vehicle can realize the functions of the stretcher, the carrying vehicle and the individual tractor by the movement of the wheel bracket, the auxiliary bracket and the rear bracket which are hinged on the upper structure, and can meet the needs of the field emergency rescue, carry and use. All are convenient.