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What are the main differences between medical care beds and flat beds?

Now with the continuous development of the medical industry, there are many types of nursing beds. Therefore, users will be entangled in the purchase at the end of what to buy, today, Xiaobian first introduce to everyone the next punching plate bed and medical care bed What is the difference?

There are some differences in the function between the medical care bed and the punching flat bed: the flat bed is a nursing bed product used in hospitals and other places, and his common level of structure and function is very high, and the personalization requirements of the nursing bed are required. a bit less. However, medical care beds are different. Most medical care beds are provided for individual customers. Different home users have different requirements for medical care beds. In contrast, the family is paying more attention to the personalized function of the nursing bed.

The difference in operation between medical care bed and flat bed: nurses, caregivers and other professionals in many hospitals using flat bed, they are familiar with the function and operation of nursing bed, and can get used to the messy nursing bed. Claim. However, medical care beds are different. Users of medical care beds for non-professionals, as a person who has not touched the care industry, generally need to conduct careful study and study when using medical care beds, in order to grasp the use of medical care beds.

Punching: refers to the use of various graphics on steel, leather, cloth, wood and other materials to get used to different needs, a variety of punching types: cross hole, diamond hole, fish scale hole, eight-hole, hexagonal hole, punching plate , long holes, square holes, round holes, punched plate nets, triangular holes and so on.

The basic function of the punching plate bed is to adjust the surgical position, expose the surgical field, and make the operation go smoothly. There are 5 major types of positions in the operating room. In turn, the prone position, the supine position, the tilt position, the perineal position, and the sitting position.

Orthopedic nursing beds provide stable support for orthopedic patients, and can assist orthopedic patients to get on and off the bed, reducing the pain caused by vibration. The orthopedic care bed does not cause pain when the patient moves, and the patient can sit on the wheelchair, without the assistance of others, and the raised board can be used as a desktop.