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Medical gynecological examination bed use method and precautions

Gynecological examination beds are suitable for gynecological examinations, surgery, maternity delivery, etc. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, simple and flexible, simple structure, beautiful appearance, low cost and usefulness. Our company has a large number of professional design and technical talents with excellent technology and rich experience. The main products are: medical electric beds, hospital beds, medical carts, Taiwan, medical cabinets, racks, chairs, etc. 7 series of more than 300 varieties, the product has been sold To more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions.

Medical gynecological examination bed use method

The gynaecological examination bed is a kind of medical device. In a strict sense, the simple gynecological bed looks more like a gynecological chair. It is a kind of medical equipment used in the examination and treatment of gynecological diseases. The top half is lying flat, so generally we call the gynecological examination bed.

First, the use of methods

1. The back frame or the foot frame can be raised or lowered as required by the physician.

2. The raising or lowering of the back frame and the foot frame is a place where the support frame has a stuck card, and the lateral support frame rod at the lower end of the two bed legs is caught to end the angle of raising or lowering.

Second, the matters needing attention

1. When the back frame and the foot frame are raised or lowered, check whether the support frame has a stuck card and the support frame bar is stuck.

2. Whether the screws at the joint between the support frame and the back frame and the foot frame are loose.

3. After checking whether the joints of each part are fixed, there is no looseness.

4. The blade is prevented from being cut to ensure flatness and flexibility.

5. Stop overload use.

6. Stop going to bed from the front and take the bed from the surrounding area.

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