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Analyze daily care and precautions for ABS beds

Nowadays, big companies, such as the ABS bed casters produced by Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd., are all patented casters developed by themselves. This cost is naturally higher. The cost of the two is higher than that without casters. In a few hundred to thousands of dollars. In terms of processing and production, ABS bed legs without rubber wheels can save a lot of processes, and the whole process is relatively simple. If you add casters, you should count the cost of production and the cost of the casters.

In fact, the use of manual ABS beds is similar to that of other ABS beds, but it is simple in terms of operation. For example, compared with electric and electric, many electric ABS beds are more complicated, and there are many buttons, etc. The patient's convenient and quick operation requirements are one of the reasons why many hospitals choose hand-cranked medical ABS beds.

Let's formally introduce what problems should be paid attention to when using manual ABS beds. Since it is a hand-cranked ABS bed, the natural control of the ABS bed is naturally the rocker, so the effect of the rocker in this is very large, whether it is the patient's family or the hospital nurses, when operating the rocker handle, it must be Pay attention to the uniform force to avoid the situation that the rocker is loosened due to excessive force, because if the wire will cause the raised bed panel to suddenly drop, the patient will be injured on both sides of the body and mind.

Then it is the daily protection of the three-fold ABS bed. This is more important. Because some ABS beds manufacturers' hand-cranked medical ABS beds need to be lubricated at the rocker, they can make the rocker use normally. In addition, when cleaning the daily bed surface, be careful not to have foreign matter in the bed joint, so it is easy to form irreversible damage to the bed when the ABS bed is lifted, and then shorten the service life of the hand-washed hospital ABS bed.