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Medical cabinet manufacturers explain how to buy Chinese medicine cabinets

1, look at the edge of the board: good quality Chinese medicine cabinet on the edge of the edge is relatively delicate, lubricated and better on the hand, especially the sealing line is straight lubrication and very precise on the joint. For some large medical cabinet manufacturers, the straight edge banding machine is used to complete the sealing, breaking, trimming, chamfering, polishing and other processes to ensure a good and accurate scale. The workshop-style small factory uses the brush to apply the glue, and also uses the manual pressure to seal the edge, then the wallpaper knife is used for trimming, and the result is polished by a manual polishing machine, but the pressure is not uniform. Therefore, it will lead to a lot of places not being strong, and even cause harmful substances such as formaldehyde to volatilize into the air.

2. Look at the slide rails of the drawer: here is a small detail, but it can affect the quality of the Chinese medicine cabinet. Since the error above the hole position and the scale is a certain error that can cause the scale of the slide rail, the drawer pull is not good or the left and right looseness is required. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to whether the drawer gap is uniform or the like.

3, the purchase of Chinese medicine cabinet is very important to see the structure of the raft, because the 卯榫 structure is an important part of ensuring the use of furniture. Therefore, in the solid wood medicine cabinet, but in the two components connected, it is a kind of concave and convex treatment.

4. The first protruding part is called 榫; the concave part is called 卯. This form has now reached a high level of skill in traditional furniture. The first priority is the “榫卯” approach of connecting the various components on the furniture of the Chinese medicine cabinet. It is the primary structural method for the design of the furniture. Although they differ in the various sputum practices and are different in the scope of application, they have a physical structure on each piece of furniture.

5, Chinese medicine cabinets have dozens of different "榫卯", according to the role of the structure can be divided into three types:

One: It is mainly used to join the surface to the surface, because it can not only combine the two sides, but also the interface between the surface and the side.

Second: It is a structural approach as a "point". The main application is in the combination of the anti-positive T-shape, the angulation and the interpenetration, and the extension of the straight and curved materials.

Three: It is a construction method that combines three components and then connects them. This method is a complicated and special method except for the above-mentioned joint structure.