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The three major factors affecting the price of medical nursing beds are revealed.

The beds used in the patient's cultivation have ordinary and multifunctional beds. The bed can also be called a medical bed, a medical care bed, etc., and is a bed used by the patient during recuperation. The main use occasions include major hospitals, township health centers, and community health service centers. But how much should we judge the price of a medical care bed? The fluctuations in the price of nursing beds are generally affected by several factors:

First, the nursing bed differs by several thousand depending on the price of power:

Manual care bed: the price is generally around 1100 - 2000 yuan, with a slight fluctuation in the price of the attached function;

Electric nursing bed: the price is generally more than 6,000 yuan, more than tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Due to the difference of the motor, the difference of the material, the rollover function and so on, the price is quite different. The electric design is the crystallization of the new technology. It is very convenient for the self-care of the bedridden, and rarely needs the help of others, which is convenient for the family and the patient.

Second, the difference in materials also determines the price difference of home care beds:

All-stainless steel care bed: the price of the same function is several times higher than the price of the general material; the price of the home-care bed for the home environment design is also more than a few hundred thousand.

Third, the difference in kinetic energy also determines the difference in the price of home care beds:

The price of the home care bed with the automatic training device with the electric rollover is generally more than 15,000 yuan. The price of the manual washable foot washing function is about 400 yuan more than the average price, and the price of the toilet is about 300 yuan.

In addition, the price of the home care bed depends on the guardrail, the casters, the dining table, the material of the bed at the end of the bed, the number of foldable beds, and so on. Home care bed experts recommend that consumers buy according to the actual situation of the patient and choose the product that is really suitable for them.