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How to choose an infusion chair is very important for our human health

The infusion chair belongs to the public seat category, and the loss is relatively fast. The maintenance requirements for the infusion chair are also relatively high. The leather pad of the infusion chair should be replaceable and equipped with a cloth cover. The leather part is protected by a cloth cover, which is easier to clean and maintain. . In the office furniture we introduced, I am afraid that the concept of health is a chair, but this concern is correct. Think about it, how many moments does one spend in the office? Is it eight hours or nine hours? Even if you often leave your seat to go to another place, the author can guarantee that the time you sit in the chair must be more than six hours. There are calculations that an office worker must spend 80,000 on the chair in his life. Hours are almost equal to one-third of the time in life, so this lifelong partner can of course not be taken seriously.

First, there must be attention to ergonomics. Second, there must be attention to moderate support.

Third, the seat that can retain the natural curve of the human back.

Fourth, it is very comfortable to sit up, and it can be used for a long time.

Five, light, fast and precise adjustment system.

Sixth, safe and reliable five-jaw chair legs.

Seven, safe, sensitive and durable chair wheel.

Eight, very durable and will not cause scratches. As for the content, the author will explain to the reader more in detail in the subsequent purchase points.

If it can meet the above points, it is a real good infusion chair . However, the chair is not an office furniture that can be independent of other goals. Therefore, when it comes to the office chair, it is impossible to take into account the surrounding environment, the user's main office, and operating methods. However, a good office chair has a very direct impact on employees, so buyers must be careful.