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ABS nursing cart medical tank cleaning features and how to maintain

The ABS medical care cart includes four base wheels at the bottom of the base and the lower part of the base, and a lifting and adjusting bracket on the upper part of the base. The lifting and adjusting bracket is equipped with a lifting platform, and the lifting platform is equipped with a seat, which can solve the existing skills. According to the different body shape of the patient, the patient can be used more and more comfortable, and it can provide the patient with a channel for writing and eating, which can meet the needs of the patient.

Structural features of ABS nursing cart medical tank cleaning:

1, luxury stainless steel back plate, adhere to the overall role;

2, the brush device, suitable for surgical operators;

3, automatic heating system, adjustable water temperature;

4, according to customer requirements, the water mode can be controlled by infrared sensor / leg touch dual mode.

The operating room sink can be equipped with an electric water heater with a capacity of 40-50 liters. The outlet water temperature can be set independently. The constant temperature water can be supplied all the year round. The faucet is set to automatically induce water. The cleaning tank is designed with special slope. Effectively prevent water from splashing outside the pool, and the independent setting of each nozzle does not affect the use of other nozzles.


How to maintain ABS medical cart? This maintenance method is suitable for a period of 2-3 weeks, and the daily maintenance can be scrubbed with pure cotton cloth and water. Suitable for silent caster maintenance.

1) Soak the soft cotton cloth with high softness and screw it to eight minutes.

2) Carefully scrub the fingerprints on the surface of the car body or other smudges.

3) Apply the cleaning agent to the cotton cloth and rub it evenly.

4) Wipe the smudge area with a cotton cloth until the stain is removed.

5) Put the cotton cloth in clean water to remove the detergent from the cloth.

6) Twist to dry for 8 minutes until the residual part of the cleaner on the body surface is wiped off.