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Teach you how to choose a home care bed

With the increasing aging of the country, the demand for electric nursing beds in China is increasing, which has led to the development of nursing bed products. The electric nursing beds are also used only in medical institutions, and now gradually enter each Family. The choice of nursing bed points depends on which functions you need. For example, you need to use the nursing bed to complete the back. Then you can choose the normal single-shake bed. The more functions, the more expensive the price is, so don’t blindly choose, not all functions. Can be used. The main functions of most nursing beds are the same, such as: back, leg washing, turning over and so on. At this time, you need to look at some of the details of the function, such as side turn function, and some can only be used in the upper body rollover.

The choice of electric and manual is generally divided into electric nursing bed, manual nursing bed, and nursing bed with integrated flashlight. However, from the price point of view, it is of course relatively cheaper to use manually, but when choosing manual, it is necessary to have someone to care. Operation; while the electric nursing bed can completely operate by itself when the patient knows clearly, it is still very worry-free. If the patient is now paralyzed, then it is necessary to choose to have the anti-slip and anti-slip function of the back, or take Kangxingxing as an example. The following figure shows the home care bed. It can effectively deal with the downslide, side slip, kneading and so on caused by the general nursing bed in the process of starting the back.

Friendly reminder: Home care bed is a long-term lying use for patients. It is recommended to choose a brand, quality after-sales guaranteed manufacturers, well, after the introduction, I hope everyone can choose the right product!