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Talking about the application range of the operating bed

The operating bed should have very good mobility, with a four-wheel landing design, easy to move, and with a central mechanical brake device that locks or releases the caster through the center of the foot lever. The electric operating bed is suitable for "conventional, surgical, and medical treatment of the patient's name support table". It is also the patient support during the operation. The driving method is motor drive and mechanical manpower drive. A feature of these products is used for "surgery, in the mechanical strength of an electric operating bed, the operating bed is required to accept a safe working load of 2.2 times without deformation.

The electric induction operating bed has all the bearings sealed and waterproof, easy to clean, and the water, blood and suture number in the operation will never be wrapped in the bearing. The bed base of the electric operating bed is designed with a Y shape to ensure the high stability and free space of the operating bed, so that the medical staff can get close to the surgical patient. The head and foot are tilted and tilted left and right by simply pressing the head handle to obtain the clinically required position. Both the leg plate and the back plate joint are equipped with a gas tension spring cylinder support structure, which makes various adjustments soft, silent, and vibration-free, and at the same time effectively maintains the joint structure and prevents the patient from falling over.


First, the specifications of the purchased electric operating bed should be 2200×900×500 mm. The bed surface is made of 1.2 mm thick cold-rolled steel plate, which is formed by one stamping and has no solder joints on the outside.

Second, when purchasing an induction electric operating bed, you should choose to configure a safe voltage linear motor, the performance is relatively stable, and with a battery, even if the power is off, it can work for four hours.

Third, the bed end of the electric operating bed should be blow molded with high-quality materials. The switch is set outside, which can be easily loaded and unloaded, and can also be inserted into the bed card.