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What issues do we need to pay attention to when purchasing a medical care bed?

A. The bed of the medical care bed can carry ≥250kg; the dynamic load of the backboard is ≥150kg.

B, ★ The mother of the medical nursing bed is welded with carbon steel pipe; the back plate of the medical nursing bed adopts the double-supported bottom beam, which is solid and durable, and can withstand the pressure of 1500N; the panel of the medical nursing bed is integrally stamped and formed by high-quality cold-rolled steel. The face of the medical nursing bed has 80 concave vents, which are highly breathable, effectively prevent acne, and are breathable and moisture-proof. The whole medical care bed is welded by imported robots with high precision, high strength and deep metal penetration (providing equipment color map and equipment invoice).

C. The surface of the bed of the medical care bed and the surface of the medical care bed are treated: through the PONY environmental certification standard (providing test certificate), acid and alkali corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and fading resistance. After anti-oil rust, electrophoretic primer and electric baking, the antibacterial powder is used; the adhesion reaches one level, does not fall off, and does not rust. Better protect the health of patients.

D, ★ rocker system: the rocker is the oil belt with extreme position protection screw. It adopts imported high-strength bearing steel screw, and the pole universal joint is made of 45# steel, which is safer, wear-resistant, light and labor-saving, and no noise (providing screw patent certificate).

E, adjustment range: back adjustment height: 0 ° -75 ° ± 5 °, leg adjustment height: 0 ° -45 ° ± 5 °

F, ★ medical care bed head and tail plate arc design (providing design patent certificate) head and tail plate of high and low medical care bed, the head plate of medical care bed is 80mm higher than the tail plate of medical care bed; new Imported ABS material (providing import declaration certificate); fireproof decorative beautification board in the middle; head and tail plate earing device with Japanese medical care bed, stable and reliable, can also be used as CPR function, ABS switch automatic locking device (providing patent certificate) ), quick disassembly, to meet the first-aid needs of the medical care bed.