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Unveil the production process of the infusion chair. look here

The appearance of the infusion chair provides convenience to the patient. It is widely used. Today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. takes you through the process of making infusion chair:

A. Welding: It can be divided into gas welding, robustness and stability, and it is used in fixed schemes. It is primarily used for parts that are subject to shear and load.

B. Riveting: The first thing to use for folding or parts that are not suitable for welding, such as light metal materials. This type of coupling method can be used to dispose of the parts before the equipment is used, which brings convenience to the operation.

C. Screw connection: It is used in disassembled furniture, usually used for a wide range of fasteners, and must be equipped with anti-loose equipment.

D. Pin Connection: The pin is also a universal coupling that is primarily used for parts that are not subjected to force or force, to position and help connect. The diameter of the pin can be determined according to the location and data used. The pin for the positioning effect is usually less than two pins for the coupling effect to ensure product and stability.


The infusion chair is a kind of metal furniture. It is usually waterproof for protection needs. It can't be placed in the wet place, otherwise it will simply rust and even cause the coating to fall. It is often scrubbed with a neutral oil to prevent it from spreading and expanding.

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