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Analyze the reasons for saving labor in medical carts

Medical carts carry medical equipment supplies with simple operation, convenient and labor-saving, and it is easy to carry heavy goods. Is it easy for him?

First of all, the application of casters is a major reason for the labor saving, and the casters greatly reduce the friction. Secondly, no matter what kind of medical treatment car is used, it uses the lever theory. To balance the leverage, the magnitude of the two forces (energy points, fulcrums, and resistance points) acting on the lever is inversely proportional to their arm, namely: energy × energy arm = resistance × resistance arm. It can be seen from the formula that if the lever is to reach equilibrium, the energy arm is several times the resistance arm, and the energy is a fraction of the resistance.

Leverage can be divided into labor-saving levers, hard levers and equal-arm levers. These types of levers have the following characteristics:

1. Labor-saving leverage: energy arm>resistance, energy

2, hard leverage: energy arm resistance, hard, provincial space.

3, equal arm lever: energy arm = resistance arm, energy = resistance, neither labor nor hard, and few movement intervals.

The hospital hospital cart can be regarded as a lever. The wheel can be regarded as a fulcrum. The distance from the force point of the stroller to the fulcrum is far from the center of gravity to the fulcrum, so it is a labor-saving lever. Great effort.

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