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Talking about the function introduction of electric nursing bed

When many friends are in the hospital, they will find that the function of the current bed has become more advanced, because for some patients who are sick in bed for a long time, they are not convenient in all aspects, and with these three-function electric beds, It is convenient for them to act and reduce the support of family members. What functions do these electric beds have? How about the performance of electric bed products? Today we will give you a brief introduction to the basic functions of these electric beds.

The bed body is welded by high-quality steel, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which is firm and durable. The bed head and the end of the bed are made of high-quality ABS engineering plastic, which is beautiful and elegant. The casters are ABS mute all-inclusive plastic brake casters with double bearings. The three-function electric bed also has an electric toilet function, and a hole is arranged in the center of the bed body to facilitate the patient to bed and urinate.

The three-function electric bed also has five aluminum alloy guardrails, infusion stand, dining table, potty, semi-brown semi-sponge waterproof mattress, removable and washable mattress cover, and the back function is also very powerful, which can realize slow lifting, gentle and no resistance. Because the back function is a must for the long-term bedridden patient rehabilitation and health care, after sitting up, you can eat with the table or study. The patient stays in bed for a long time, has a single posture, and his body function will slowly degenerate. At this time, it is necessary to often help the patient change his body posture. The sitting position is one of the commonly used and effective postures, which allows the patient to bend downward when the patient sits up, which is ergonomic. It is convenient to wash your feet and soak your feet.

The appearance of the electric nursing bed is convenient for the patient's living. Before we also had the electric bed, but its function is not so complete, so the patient will still be a little inconvenient when using it, and now we upgrade these electric bed, The function of the electric bed is more complete. Our company not only has these electric beds, but also a variety of accompanying chairs to meet the needs of major hospitals. We are constantly upgrading these devices to improve their functions.