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What is the role of the medical cart?

Medical carts , also known as workstations on wheels, are the main products in the health care field. They provide nurses with bedside patient charts, the ability to accurately distribute medications and review doctor orders, and Zui recently assisted with remote applications. These cart computers or tablets work together to assist in the provision of patient care.

Power and non-powered designs are available, and each type of cart is beneficial depending on the specific needs of the hospital or other patient care. Medical carts are used for a variety of purposes in hospitals and outpatient clinics. They store and ship supplies and they should be maintained to prevent theft or loss. In general, the cart is placed with the appropriate combination of materials so that it can be used for its intended use. Various office content will vary.

For example, a shopping cart may be referred to as a "casting car" because it is equipped with splints and supplies for casting. The other cart may only contain the supplies needed to open the difficult airway, so the name "Airway Cart" is obtained.

The “Crash Cart” (usually a red cart with a red drawer) will have the necessary equipment for the doctor to fulfill the gaoji cardiac life support protocol to save patients with cardiac arrest.

Specify the appropriate cart size, the appropriate materials, the internal drawer equipment, the top components, and the accessories mounted on the side, just one step. Maintaining your investment (in the car and its content) needs to be carefully considered.

Stainless steel medical cart is a common tool cart in the medical environment. Although it is not a special medical device with rigid regulations, it still plays an insignificant effect. It has the advantages of rust prevention and easy cleaning. It has the characteristic that there is no dead angle. Easy to clean, can be used in medical and health, testing institutions, laboratories and other environments.

Because of the special nature of the medical and health environment, not only the carts are required to be clean and pollution-free, but also quiet and silent, so the stainless steel medical carts are equipped with silent casters to ensure silent comfort when pushed. Medical multi-purpose trolleys can not only help medical personnel to transfer medical equipment, medicines, etc., but also can help patients to carry out nursing work in time, providing great convenience to both staff and patients.