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How to analyze the current status of electric operating bed use

The electric operating bed is compared with other operating beds. The operating bed is one of the basic medical instruments for surgical treatment. From the classification, it is mainly divided into: portable operating bed, manual hydraulic transmission operating bed and electric operating bed. The portable operating bed is generally made of sheet steel, section steel or other materials, and is mainly composed of a bed frame and a bed surface.

The electric operating bed is simple and light in structure. It is suitable for general surgery, examination and other surgical operations. It can be folded or disassembled when not in use. It is easy to load and transport. It can be deployed in simple operating room, tent, surgical cabin and private room. It is also suitable for other Special occasions, such as portable medical multi-functional beds for field and field treatments. Compared with the traditional operating bed, its main features are foldable, small size, light weight and convenient to carry.

The manual hydraulic drive operating bed uses the cylinder as the actuator to perform various actions on the console surface. The main working process is as follows: when the cylinder valve is opened, the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder are connected, and the piston can be adjusted to the required position; after the cylinder valve is closed, the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder are separated, which is due to the gas pressure in the cylinder. The function can keep the position of the piston unchanged.

Because the electric operating bed adopts the electro-hydraulic transmission mechanism, under the control of the wired remote control or the infrared remote control, the foot control panel is matched to facilitate the direct adjustment of the operator, and the electric operating bed of the different position can be matched with the figure 2 Or release. The bearings are all sealed and waterproof, easy to clean, and the water, blood and suture heads in the operation will never be wrapped in the bearings. The head and foot are tilted and tilted left and right by simply pressing the head handle to obtain the clinically required position. Both the leg plate and the back plate joint have a gas spring cylinder support structure, which makes various adjustments soft, silent, and vibration-free, and at the same time effectively protects the joint structure and prevents the patient from falling over.

According to the individual characteristics of the Chinese people, China's medical device industry standards stipulate that the operating bed surface is 2m long and 0.48m wide. The back rake angle of the whole platform is not less than 25°, the left and right inclination angle is not less than 20°, and the angle of the headboard surface is not less than 30°. The lower folding angle is not less than 45°, the folding angle on the back plate surface is not less than 80°, the angle between the back plate and the seat plate surface is not more than 90°, the lower folding angle is not more than 160°, and the lower surface of the waist plate is not less than 90°, the waist bridge The rise is not less than 0.12m. At the same time, the industry standard also requires that the operating table products should adopt the two-legged plate surface structure as much as possible. The two legs can be rotated to the outside in the same plane. After the rotation, the angle between the inner sides of the two legs is not less than 180°. The adjustments are all infinitely variable.