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What is the role of the foot pedal of a child's bed?

With the advancement of medicine in China and the advancement of specialist medical standards, people pay more attention to the quality of livelihood, and the demand for preventive health care and care for chronic diseases is increasing. The presentation of medical children's beds brings great convenience to infants and young children. Children's beds have many parts, including pedals. So what is the pedal used for?

Nowadays, the air quality is poor, food often presents problems, and the probability of infants and young children showing disease is greatly increased. During the hospitalization of infants and young children, when infusion or other medical treatments are carried out, parents often hold their arms to help each other. When you have a long time of treatment such as infusion. Parents sit on the bed or bedside chairs for a long time, and their feet lack support, which leads to fatigue. To this end, we have specially designed a special foot pedal for children's beds, which has achieved good results after clinical trials.

The foot pedal is mounted on the bed frame on the side of the hospital bed through a screw mounting pedal. The bottom end of the pedal frame is mounted on the pedal by a slight axis, and the shaft is slightly axial, so as to facilitate the folding and retracting of the foot pedal. The connecting bracket between the shaft and the screw is provided with a connecting fixing member, and both sides of the pedal are fixed by bolts and connecting rods. The foot pedal can be folded and retracted as needed.

The children's beds with pedals have many advantages, the pedal structure is simple and practical, and the parents have the comfort of having children and breastfeeding; the pedals can be folded as needed, easy to use. It is conducive to keeping the ward tidy.

1. The digital display on the back shows the real-time display of the back panel in the process of lifting the back of the bed, giving the medical staff Zui an intuitive back view data, and the doctor's point of view is accurately set;

2, electric central control casters, the bed has the characteristics of electric central control casters, the nurse can determine and unlock the bed with one button, compared with the traditional mechanical trampling unlocking method, the electric unlocking operation is more convenient and convenient, and the life of the casters Extend greatly

3, one-button body position, the bed has multiple one-button body position, including one-button CPR position, one-button FLOWER position, one-button heart chair position, one-button MAX position, various body positions to meet different medical conditions, and can reduce medical staff Workload

4, the size of medical children's beds is specially tailored for children's body types, and children under the age of 12 are lying down.