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What are the main principles for nursing beds for the elderly?

Nursing home smart electric nursing beds are becoming more and more popular and more and more popular, and today you are popular:

A, the principle of security

Because the nursing home smart nursing bed directly contacts and operates the elderly and the patient's body, and the body of such people is more vulnerable to injury than the healthy person, the smart nursing bed has high safety requirements. Regardless of the structure of the smart care bed or the design of the control system, safety is always a priority for Zui. For example, in terms of structural design, there should be no interference, and there should be sufficient margin in terms of stiffness and strength of the structure, taking into account various extremes.

B. The principle of humanization and comfort

Humanized and comfortable design is an extension of usability design. Smart nursing beds should be considered more in terms of human physiological structure, psychological conditions and behavioral habits according to human physiological principles. For example, the structure of each part should match the size of the human body; the design strives to reduce the acceleration and so on.

C. Functional Diversification Principle In the process of intelligent nursing, different users often have various functional requirements for the nursing bed. In addition to the basic position requirements, there are more requirements such as eating, washing, and defecation.

D, lightweight principle

From the perspective of reducing energy consumption and reducing the inertia of the exercise, the nursing home smart nursing bed should follow the principle of weight reduction while ensuring function and safety. This not only saves the material, reduces the cost, but also reduces the inertia of the movement, which is very beneficial to the stopping of a certain component, so that the transportation and use cost of the smart nursing bed is greatly reduced.

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