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What problems should I pay attention to when using ABS beds?

In the hospital, we can see many patients and many beds and patients. These people are lying on the ABS bed waiting for treatment, so these beds are very important for the patients, which determines whether they can rest well. And also to ensure that the ABS bed is clean and tidy, to prevent the patient from being infected, and then Xiaobian will share the precautions for the use of the ABS bed .

1. The bed cloth of the medical ABS bed is used after being disinfected.

2. When the mattress of the medical ABS bed is moving, be sure not to bend the mattress or make a mess and then place it on the transporter. The orientation of the mattress can be adjusted using the handle on the mattress. Do not move at will.

3. Many people ignore the problem when using the mattress for the first time: there is no plastic packaging film to remove the surface. In fact, this is a fault. Remove the bag to keep the inside of the mattress ventilated, keep it dry and prevent moisture. After removing the packaging film, you can use a cleaning pad or mattress to cover the mattress, so that it can be dry and clean for a long time.

4. When it comes to bed linen, be sure to buy it that is easy to absorb sweat. Do not stretch the bed cloth or mattress when using it, avoid blocking the vent hole of the mattress, and the air in the mattress cannot flow and breed germs.

5. The mattress should be turned over regularly. In the first year, it is flipped every two to three months. The second one consists of the front and the back, the left and right sides, so that the spring of the mattress can be stressed and extended.

6. The mattress of the ABS bed should be protected from further stress. For example, don't often sit on the edge of the bed, it is easy to damage the retaining spring, because the four corners of the mattress are very fragile. Do not press hard on the surface of the mat to avoid the deformation of the mattress. In addition, do not let the child jump on the bed, to avoid the single point of force is too large to damage the spring.

7. When using the medical bed, accidentally pour the drink on the bed. You need to use a paper towel to dry the water poured on the medical bed. If there is no attachment, use a hair dryer to dry it. If there is attachment, you need it. Use water or soap for cleaning.