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How to deal with the safety of children's beds?

At present, the safety problems of medical child beds in China are mainly divided into several aspects:

First, the material problem, because some black-hearted manufacturers purchase some defective materials to process due to the trend of interest, which makes many children with poor constitution and sensitive skin appear skin when they touch the medical bed made by these materials for a long time. Allergies, more even infections that cause external trauma, form a wound that does not heal, and even worsens the condition.

Therefore, as a hospital procurement, we must find a medical bed equipment manufacturer with production qualifications to purchase. Take Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. as an example. Their raw materials are strictly in accordance with the regulations of the relevant departments on the processing of raw materials for medical children's beds. Purchasing ensures that the bed can be qualified in the material, even better than the relevant requirements, and in order to eliminate some children's sensitivity to steel materials, Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. also specializes in the production of ABS plastic children's beds. The whole bed is made of ABS plastic material, which completely eliminates all steel materials and completely prevents children from touching the bed.

After talking about the material problem, there is also a question about the safety of medical children's beds.

Since the medical child bed is different from the adult bed, the fence of the medical child bed is particularly high. As a qualified medical child bed fence part of the process is crucial, because some children like to climb, if the guardrail is not strong, without the care of the medical staff, it is easy to cause harm to children. There have been more than one news report saying that children fell from the medical bed, forming fractures, injuries and other conditions. Whether it is the producer of medical children's beds, it is still the purchaser of the children's hospital. Regarding the degree of firmness of the bed, the degree of impact resistance during the movement needs to be strictly checked.