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What problems should I pay attention to when using the electric operating bed?

1. Press the electric catch switch on the controller panel by pressing the hand to enter the operation preparation stage.

2. Start and release the base brake correctly. The brake assist plate next to the base is fixed and moved under the fixed rod to start the central mechanical brake loading to fix the operating table.

3. Preventing extra-injury (1) Preventing dumping: After opening the base brake? Unlocking and fixing the electric operating bed. At this time, operating the operating table or traveling to change the patient? The operating bed can be displaced and tilted. . Therefore, the operating bed must be locked after the adjustment operation is completed. (2) Prevent pinch or crush: When releasing the base brake? Do not put your foot under the base. (3) Prevent tripping: The electric line a is placed in the appropriate position t. Avoid tripping when walking. (4? Prevent electric shock: When the electrical access cover or control components are removed? Do not operate or repair the operating table. (5) Prevent burns: When using an electric knife? Prevent the patient's skin from touching the metal parts of the operating bed. Avoid bypassing. Burns.

4. The hand control panel should be hung on the side rail of the operating bed. The line should be protected from pinching and crushing. Prevent the line from reporting damage.

5. Do not put I heavy objects on the power line or let the cart pass the power line.

6, do not let the patient sit on the headboard of the operating table, the price board or the leg board. Overweight and heavy mother can cause the fittings to bend and report bad. The head plate and the rafter are 40kg. When the legs are separated by more than 450, only 20kg of the claw can be used. The claws of the operating bed should not exceed 150kg.

7. Do not place objects, accessories or heavy objects on the outer cover of the operating bed base.

8. Cleaning and disinfection of electric operating beds and accessories (1) Use of weak vitrified Qingjingjing clearing operation bed and accessories containing surface active Jing and Phosphate salt. (2) Disinfection of operating beds should be limited to 荃Dilution of the surgical bed with a surface disinfectant? Do not use a mixture of scratching, scratching compounds and containing drunk to avoid corrosion of the metal surface. (3) Do not spray or rinse the base with detergent and water to prevent internal electrical control system short circuit. Bad, parts are rusting or malfunctioning.

9. Do not operate the hydraulic motor for more than 5 minutes continuously to avoid malfunction.

10, when you buy l to do the same as the unified manufacturer. To reduce the use and management of the chaos. At the same time, the accessories can also be used universally. Avoid repeated disposal and waste.

11. Do a good job of parts management. When not in use, place them on a dedicated rack. Check regularly to prevent loss and damage.

12. Master the correct method of reading the electric operating bed and the use and installation method of different conditions.

13, regular inspection of the function of the electric operating bed. Professional maintenance work to ensure the need for surgery. The electric operating bed should be charged on time to facilitate intraoperative use.