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ABS luxury stretcher (hydraulic)

ABS luxury stretcher (hydraulic)

Product Details

Product Name: ABS Luxury Stretcher (Hydraulic)

Product specifications: L1930 * W700 * H630 ~ 930mm

Packing: 1960*760*670mm

Product material: The flat car adopts imported PP material and is manufactured by imported hydraulic lifting system;

Product Description: The car adopts the internationally advanced central control brake system. The ∮200 dustproof casters make the flat car movement stable, reliable and light. According to the needs of medical personnel, it can be used for lifting, leaning forward and backward tilting position changes. The car surface is a split structure, and the upper body adopts an imported steam spring as a supporting force source, which is easy and convenient to operate. The whole vehicle's overall lifting and front and rear tilting are all operated by hydraulic pressure.

Product features: high and low lift: 320mm, back lift: 0 ~ 75 ± 5 °, head lift: 0 ~ 12 ± 2 °, tail lift: 0 ~ 12 ± 2 °

Standard configuration: 4 central control casters, 2 PP guardrails, 2 hydraulic pumps

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