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Stainless steel butt bed

Stainless steel butt bed

Product Details

Product Name: Stainless steel docking bed car

Product specifications: L3600*W570*H550/800mm

Packing: 1960*760*560 (two boxes)


1. The bed frame and the exchange bed frame are made of high quality stainless steel by welding, grinding and polishing.

2. The mattress is covered with a mattress, and the mattress is made of high-density sponge + 1CM wood + leather case (color can be ordered)

3. The bed frame can be adjusted to different heights of 550-1050mm and can be adjusted with a screw.

4. The barrier is 270-degree rotary. When docking the stretcher bed, the barrier can be rotated 90 degrees, which makes it safer and more stable when docked.

5. The buttress bed can be divided into front and rear docking and left and right docking.

6. A bed frame has four 5-inch castors.

7. With stainless steel infusion stand.


1. The appearance of the bed shall comply with the requirements of 4.3 and 4.4 of YY 0003-1990.

2. The surface of the sprayed parts should be smooth and clean, without any exposed bottom, falling off, blistering, sticky and affecting the appearance of repair marks.

3. After the moving parts of the bed are connected, the manipulation should be easy and flexible, and there should be no stagnation.

4. The surface of the stainless steel should be smooth and tidy, and there should be no obvious defects such as scratches and stains. The material is stipulated by the agreement between the supplier and the buyer.

5. The surface of wooden parts should be free of insects, and there should be no undesirable phenomena such as running paint and exposed bottom.

6. The bed should generally have a caster device. If the caster is not installed, the fixed foot should be installed.

The folding angle of the bed board should meet the following requirements:

1. The maximum folding angle of the backboard should not be less than 80 ° ± 5 °;

2. The maximum folding angle of the leg frame should be no less than 40 ° ± 5 °;

3. When the leg frame is folded to 40° and the foot frame is placed at the highest level, the angle between the two frames should be no less than 140°±5°;

4. The back plate, leg plate and foot plate should be adjusted freely within the adjustable angle range.

Material: high quality stainless steel

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