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Operating room docking stretcher

Operating room docking stretcher

Product Details

Product Name: Operating room docking rescue stretcher car (operating room docking car)

Product specifications: L3650*W640*H640~970mm

Packing: 1960*700*620mm

Function and technical indicators:

1. This product can prevent cross-infection in the ward;

2. When the A car is in the operating room, the B car is outside the operating room, and when the B car shakes the hand to the same height of the A car, release the A car switch handle to push the bed C along the track from the A car to the B car, then loose Push the B and C lathes together with the hand brake;

3, the height adjustment range of the car body: 645-920 (mm);

4. The central control brake system is stable and reliable, and the guide wheel device can be easily operated and the direction can be controlled;


1. If the brake system is to be braked, step on the pedal with the “red” circular mark. If you want to drive, press the pedal with the “green” circular mark.

2. The guide wheel device acts as a straight line. If you want to go straight, step on the side with a “red” strip to mark the pedal. If the guide wheel is oriented straight down, you can step on the side with a “green” strip. Mark the pedals and the car body can walk in any direction;

3. When the height of the car is adjusted, turn the hand and turn it clockwise. When the clockwise rotates, the car surface will rise. If it rotates counterclockwise, the car surface will fall. When not in use, the hand will be pulled outward and the handle will be lowered downward to avoid the bump when the human body walks.

4, guardrail lifting, if the guardrail is raised, the guardrail will be automatically locked after being lifted to the highest position. If you want to lower the guardrail and gently pull up the guardrail switch, you can put down the guardrail;

5. If the bed is to be raised, please lift the red handle under the bed. If you want to lower the bed, press the bed while lifting the red handle. When the bed is lowered to the required height, loosen the red handle. can.

Precautions for use:

1. The surface of the bed is formed once, the guardrail, please do not collide;

2, when raising the shaking hand, please put your hand down, do not extend out of the bed, so as not to walk and bruise;

3. When using the guardrail, please check if the lift is in place to avoid unnecessary danger.

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