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Aluminum shovel stretcher

Aluminum shovel stretcher

Product Details

Product Name: Aluminum shovel stretcher

Product specifications: expand L2100*W440*H60mm, fold: L1200*W440*H90mm

Packing: 1700*460*80mm

Material: high quality aluminum alloy

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1 The three carriers are placed side by side on the side of the injured person's body. At the same time, the arms are respectively extended into the shoulders and backs of the wounded, the abdomen and the buttocks, and the lower limbs, and then stand up at the same time, so that the injured person's body is always in a horizontal position. The body is twisted. The three men stepped at the same time and placed the wounded on a hard stretcher. If a cervical spine injury occurs or is suspected, there should be another person who is responsible for pulling and fixing the head and neck. The head and neck of the injured person should not be flexed and extended, swung or rotated. The four people must be in the same position, and at the same time flatten the wounded, and then put it on the hard stretcher. The handling process of standing, walking, laying down, etc., must be commanded by a medical staff to act in unison.

2 The carrier can also be single-legged on both sides of the injured person. One person on one side is responsible for the waist and buttocks of the injured person. The other side is responsible for the shoulder and back and the lower limbs respectively. The injured person should always keep the horizontal position. The body is twisted.