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Soft stretcher

Soft stretcher

Product Details

Product Name: Soft stretcher

Product specifications: L1870*W420*H60mm

Material: nylon cloth

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1. Before transporting the injured, check the vital signs and injured parts of the injured person, and check whether the injured person's head, spine and chest are injured, especially if the cervical vertebra is damaged.

2. The wounded must be properly handled

First of all, it is necessary to keep the respiratory tract of the wounded person unobstructed, and then the wounded part of the wounded should be hemostasis, bandaged and fixed according to technical specifications. Once handled properly, it can be moved.

3. When personnel, stretchers, etc. are not ready, avoid handling.

When carrying overweight and unconscious wounded people, consider comprehensive. Prevent accidents such as falling and falling during transportation.

4. Always observe the patient's condition changes during the handling process.

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