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Aluminum alloy folding stretcher

Aluminum alloy folding stretcher

Product Details

Product Name: Aluminum alloy folding stretcher

Product specifications: expand L2140*W550*H120mm, fold: L580*W210*H14mm

Packing: 670*300*170mm

Material: high quality aluminum alloy

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4. Always observe the patient's condition changes during the handling process.

Focus on breathing, mind, etc., keep warm, but do not cover the head and face too tight, so as not to affect the breathing. Once an emergency occurs on the way, such as suffocation, respiratory arrest, or convulsions, stop the operation and immediately perform emergency treatment.

5. At special sites, it should be handled in a special way.

At the scene of the fire, the wounded in the smoke should be bent or squatted forward; in the case of toxic gas leakage, the carrier should first cover the nose and mouth with a wet towel or use a gas mask to avoid being smoked by poison gas.

6. The wounded who transported the spine and spinal cord injury:

After being placed on a hard stretcher, the body and the stretcher must be fixed with a bandage or other cloth strips. Especially for cervical spine injuries, sandbags, pillows, clothes, etc. must be placed on both sides of the head and neck to limit the cervical vertebrae. In the direction of the activity, the forehead is fixed together with the stretcher with a bandage, etc., and the whole body is surrounded with a stretcher with a triangle towel or the like.

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