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Luxury hydraulic lift flat car

Luxury hydraulic lift flat car

Product Details

Product Name: Luxury hydraulic lift flat car

Product specifications: L2120*W800*H630-930mm

Packing: 2160*860*760mm

Material: The bed is made of galvanized steel pipe, the exterior powder is sprayed, the bed back plate can be made of X-ray material (American electric wood board), and the lifting adopts imported double air pressure lifting system.

The car adopts the international advanced central control brake system, and the φ200 dustproof caster makes the flat car movement stable, reliable and light. The bed is lifted, tilted and reversed by the pedals on both sides of the bed. It is easy to use. The central control brake pedal is provided at the end of the bed. The bottom cover is made of imported PP material for easy cleaning. The car surface is a split structure, and the upper body is designed with a large hydraulic rod to support the beam and column, and the bed does not shake. With aluminum alloy full inverted guardrail, infusion stand, drainage hook. It is the best choice for emergency room, ICU, ward according to the patient and the emergency bed and ICU bed.

Standard configuration: 4 centrally controlled silent casters, 1 infusion stand, 1 aluminum alloy guardrail, 1 mattress (optional)