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Home care bed

Home care bed

Product Details

KX-806A-1 home care bed

Seat function

This feature is very practical, so that the patient can sit up like a chair and can push around to move around.

Turn over function

Patients who have been in bed for a long time, such as paralysis, coma, and partial trauma, need to turn over frequently to prevent hemorrhoids. Manual turning over requires 1 or 2 people to complete. [2] The paralyzed patient care bed allows the patient to turn around at any angle from 0 to 60 degrees. After turning over, the caregiver can assist the patient to adjust the side sleeping position to make the patient rest more comfortable. The multi-functional widening nursing bed is more user-friendly in design, the nursing work is further improved, and the nursing work is easier. The paralyzed patient care bed not only automatically turns over, but also turns over at regular intervals.