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Home care bed purchase

Home care bed purchase

Product Details

KX-806 home care bed

Product Name: Electric three-function home bed

Specification: L2090*1200*350~630mm

Packing: 2050*1150*500mm

Function: back adjustment: back tilt angle 0-75 ° ± 5 °; leg tilt angle 0-45 ± 5 °; whole bed lift 350-630mm;

Material Description:

1. The bed can carry ≥250kg; the high and low dynamic load ≥170kg.

2. The bed mother is welded with 30×60×2.0mm rectangular carbon steel pipe; the bed back plate is made of double-supported bottom beam, which is solid and durable; the bed panel is welded with high-quality cold-rolled steel pipe, which has strong gas permeability, effectively prevents hemorrhoids, and is breathable and moisture-proof. .

3. The surface of the bed board and the bed frame are treated: through PONY environmental protection certification standards, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and fading resistance. After oil-proof and rust-proof, electrophoretic primer and electric baking, the adhesion reaches one level, does not fall off, and does not rust. Better protect the health of patients.

4, the use of imported 24V DC motor, with CE safety management certification certification, low noise, compatibility with EMI electromagnetic waves, no leakage, anti-electromagnetic, does not interfere with ventilator, ECG monitoring equipment, to meet clinical emergency needs, torque Up to 6000N, with UPS backup power supply, and CPR one-button manual quick turn-down function.

5, adjustment range: back tilt angle 0-75 ± 5 °; leg tilt angle 0-45 ± 5 °; overall lifting 280mm.

6. The casters adopt the plunger-type medical central control casters; they have passed the SGS environmental protection certification standard. Φ125mm, high wear resistance, no noise, acid and alkali resistance, easy to repair.

7. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and ISO13485: 2003 medical device quality management system certification, and has passed the system certification number verification.

8. The products have been registered, and there are medical electric bed product registration certificates and manufacturing approval forms.

Standard configuration: wooden bed headboard, 1 control handle, 4 infusion rack holes, 4 drainage hooks, 1 infusion stand