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Home care bed factory direct sales

Home care bed factory direct sales

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KX-836 home care bed

Home care bed function

The general home care bed has the following functions, and it does not mean that the more functions, the better, the main reason is to see what is the physical condition of your family members, the function is too small to achieve the ideal care effect, the function is too much, some functions Not used yet.

First, the back lift function

This function is most needed. On the one hand, it promotes blood circulation. On the other hand, patients can sit up and eat, read books, and solve many problems. This is also the function of the nursing bed in the market.

Second, the leg bending function

Basically, the points are bent upwards and bent downwards, and the blood circulation can be promoted upwards and downwards. Everyone has their own needs. Basically, one of them is enough. The nursing beds on the market basically have this. Features. However, I personally think that it is best to go up. Imagine if you can only go up and explain that the bed is resting on the bed frame, but if you can move up and down, it means that the bed is completely out of the bed frame. I think that I don’t think it is very reassuring.