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Three-function electric home bed

Three-function electric home bed

Product Details

KX-S302 home care bed

1. Product Name: Three-function electric home bed

2. Specifications: L2090*W1200*H450~740mm

3, packaging: 2100 * 1160 * 510mm

4, function: back adjustment height: 0 ° -75 ° ± 5 °, leg adjustment height: 0 ° -45 ° ± 5 °, the overall lifting 450 ~ 740mmmm

5, material description:

A. The bed panel and the bed frame are phosphatized by 22 steps, anti-corrosion and acid-proof, antibacterial powder baking paint, luxurious and beautiful.

B. The bed panel is integrally stamped and formed by high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The concave vent hole of the whole bed panel is 80, which has anti-slip function. The bed back panel features a double-supported sill for added durability. It relieves the patient's body ventilation and has anti-corrosion function. The bed thickness is ≥1.2mm.

C. The bed frame is fixed and welded by standard high-quality stainless steel pipe structure, which is sturdy and durable. Thickness ≥ 2mm

D. Bedside guardrail system: aluminum alloy side volt guardrail, guardrail length and height: 1475×420mm, 6 sets of 304# stainless steel tube bracket, hand-held one-button zinc alloy safety switch, hardened and strengthened treatment (high strength, metal The lower seat) is safe and reliable, and the side of the buckle is combined for easy maintenance. Aluminum alloy handrail phosphating surface treatment, antibacterial antiseptic, acid and alkali resistant. 6 stainless steel brackets for easy, safe and easy maintenance.

E. The wooden bed head and tail are more suitable for home use, giving the patient a warm and comfortable environment. The bed is equipped with a rotating anti-collision wheel at the head and tail to prevent the bed from deviating from the impact.

F, motor imported TENTE24V DC motor: no noise, easy to maintain, ENI performance guarantee, wear resistance, pressure resistance, enhanced life and safety performance.

G. There is one drip rod on the side of the bed, six instrument rod jacks, and two infusion hooks under the bed (one in the middle and one in the middle).

H. The bed casters are made of imported resin and have a diameter of 4 inches. The casters adopt a plunger structure, withstand voltage, wear resistance and smooth movement. One-button central control brake while locking four casters