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Toilet bowl

Toilet bowl

Product Details

Product Name: Mobile Toilet

Product specifications: L550*W450*H480/840mm (physical)

Packing: 500*200*380mm

Detailed introduction:

Product Name: Toilet

Product specifications: L460*W460*H430/750mm (physical)

Packing: 930*230*600mm


Toilet bowl is a kind of sanitary appliance in the field of building water supply and drainage materials. The main technical feature of the toilet of the utility model is that a cleaning bolt is installed in the upper opening of the existing S-type trap, similar to the installation of the inspection port on the drainage pipe or the cleaning port to clear the clogging, and the toilet is silted. After plugging, the user can use this cleaning bolt to remove the clogging material conveniently, quickly and hygienically, which is economical and practical.

The toilet can be divided into two types: a split toilet and a one-piece toilet. Generally, the split toilet takes up a larger space, and the one-piece toilet takes up less space. In addition, the shape of the split toilet should be more traditional, the price is relatively cheap, and the one-piece toilet should be novel and high-grade, and the price is relatively high.

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