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Product Details

Detailed introduction:

Product Name: Walker

Product specifications: L640*W610*H710~820mm (physical)

Packing: 630*230*800mm

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  • The multi-functional walking aid can not only help the postoperative patient to support the weak body walk, but also can hang the infusion bottle, drainage bag and other items, and can get out of bed at the same time as the infusion, which is convenient for the patient.

  • The use of multi-functional walking aids can promote the early recovery of the body and prevent the occurrence of postoperative complications, thereby shortening the hospitalization days of patients, reducing the cost of hospitalization, increasing the utilization rate of hospital beds, improving the economic benefits of hospitals, and benefiting patients and hospitals.

  • When you are tired, you can sit down on the bench. With it, you can improve the lifestyle of people with problems with legs and feet. They can do their own outdoor activities. It combines with crutches, traction frames, wheelchairs, bath chairs, nursing beds, and elderly fitness equipment to form an elderly person. And medical supplies that are indispensable for improving the quality of life of people in need, generally available in iron and aluminum.

  • The most common walkers include two- and four-wheeled walkers. Both walkers provide you with enough stability if you have difficulty balancing or falling over easily.

  • Two-wheeled walking aids are best when you need to support the weight of the walker when you walk. Support legs without wheels can prevent the walker from slipping away from you. At the same time, the two-wheeled walker can also be folded and put into your car.

  • If you don't need to lean against your walker to get the balance, the four-wheeled walker can make you go faster. And the four-wheeled walker has brakes for you to use when going downhill.

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