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Composition and classification of medical care beds

The medical bed is the abbreviation of the hospital-specific bed, and is a bed product used in hospitals, nursing homes, and community outpatient stools. The production of medical beds is strictly in accordance with the standards, but its function and structure are relatively simple, basically meeting the needs of all medical institutions, but not suitable for home use.

The main structure of the medical bed includes: a bed head, a bed surface, a bed leg, and the accessory structure includes: a caster, a screw, a guardrail, a dining table, a mattress, an infusion stand, and the like.

The classification of medical care beds is simply divided into the following categories:

According to whether it is movable or not, it is divided into a wheeled medical bed and a non-wheeled medical bed;

Classified by material, divided into ABS medical bed, stainless steel medical bed, spray medical bed, etc.;

According to the classification of the lead screw, it can be divided into single-rocking medical bed, double-rocking medical bed, three-rocking medical bed, flat medical bed, etc.

Classified by functional level, it is divided into general medical bed and multi-functional medical bed.

The medical bed is composed of two parts: a rigid bed frame and a bed panel. The bed panel is composed of a back plate, a seat plate and a foot plate. The feature is that the back plate, the seat plate and the foot plate are connected in an active manner, and the back plate and the seat plate are seated. The joint hinge of the board is fixed on the bed frame; the rigid bracket is installed under the back board, the bracket lifting joint is connected with the bracket lifting mechanism, the straight rod bracket is installed under the seat board, and the straight rod bracket is connected with the straight rod lifting mechanism at one end. In this way, the mechanical movement of the lifting mechanism can drive the rise and fall of the back board, the seat board and the foot bending board, and the nursing bed can be conveniently adjusted to the state of leaning and knee bending, so that the patient feels more comfortable and relieves. The labor intensity of the nursing staff, and if the lifting and lowering part of the lifting mechanism is remotely controlled, the patient's self-care can be achieved.

Medical care bed

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