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Introduction to production standards for electric beds

The beds used by patients or severely disabled persons during rehabilitation in hospitals have general beds and multifunctional back-up beds. The bed can also be called a sick bed, a medical bed, a multi-functional nursing bed, etc. It is a bed used by the patient during recuperation rehabilitation treatment. The main use occasions include major hospitals, township health centers, community health service centers, and rehabilitation institutions.

There are all kinds of electric beds in the market. If consumers want to place a electric nursing bed at home, they must know whether the bed you purchased meets the requirements, but many people do not know the production requirements of electric beds. Today, Foshan Kangzhixing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. takes you to understand:

1. Raw materials purchase. The other party is required to have complete relevant documents, and ABS materials such as ABS are not recommended for materials such as ABS. And the manufacturer's raw material procurement should be well documented.

2, the size of the electric bed. As electric medical bed manufacturers, their grasp of the size of electric beds mainly follows the relevant data released by the population survey published every few years. For example, the average weight per capita is the number of heights, and the electric medical bed manufacturers will follow the above. Relevant data adjust the length and width of the medical bed.

3. Process problems related to the production of electric beds . According to the relevant regulations, the steel pipe of the electric bed should be strictly rusted, because if the process is not strict, it will seriously reduce the service life of the electric bed.

4. Spraying work on electric beds. According to the relevant regulations, the electric bed should be sprayed three times. This is to ensure that the sprayed surface can be firmly attached to the surface of the electric medical bed and will not fall off in a short time.

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